FinancesPersonals_01Banderes_01_catBanderes_01_espBanderes_01_engIn CESI we have created a free app for Android systems, which is really useful for saving safely! Everybody, without any exception, has to manage money throughout their lives.

It is not only impossible to live without managing money, but depending on how you manage this money, you life will be better or worse in every respect.

With our app called Personal Finances, you can manage multiple wallets from your mobile phone or your tablet.

You will have the usual concepts predefined and you will be able to create as many as required, in order to introduce movements easily and quickly.

This lets you control your incomes and expenses and, based on the data introduced, you will get numerical and graphic economic overviews, as well as comparisons between different periods of time.

By creating this app, we have sought the maximum simplicity for you to introduce all the activities in real time with minimum effort.

The aim of the app is to give you continued information of how you spend your money. The control of your finances does not have to be a difficult task, so that is why we created Personal Finances. We want you to save as much as you want.

We hope you enjoy it, and do not hesitate to write us for any query or improvement suggestion. We will be glad to help you!

Have a look at some screenshots…


And here you have the link that takes you to the Google Play shop: Personal Finances (Android App)


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